For a decade, glitz, glamour and the biggest names in the world of adult entertainment have made the XBIZ Awards show the biggest night of the year and the most prestigious symbol of success within the industry.

Each year, the star-studded event attracts A-list movers and shakers of the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry, hosting icons such as Jenna Jameson and Hustler founder Larry Flynt.

"We look forward each year to the XBIZ Awards and the anticipation of hopefully again bringing some of them back to the office," said Larry Flynt, Chairman and Founder of Hustler, adding "but mainly we appreciate the accolades that come from being nominated and the opportunity for the adult entertainment industry to get together and celebrate all our achievements over the past year."

Since its beginnings, the XBIZ Awards has grown into a mega gala event seducing the media and generating tidal waves of buzz throughout the adult entertainment biz. Now in its ninth year, with an expanded list of more than 100 award categories, the 2011 awards show is set to feature the most expansive array of categories in XBIZ Awards history.

And as the proliferation of adult entertainment into pop culture continues, the XBIZ Awards have evolved, drawing stars and hopefuls to the annual event. Dedicated fans, the press corps and star gazers alike wait months for the yearly extravaganza and jam the streets of Hollywood, some seeking autographs, some snapping photos and others simply there to see the biggest stars of adult entertainment up-close and personal.

"No other awards show in the world celebrates the biggest names in adult entertainment like the XBIZ Awards — just ask industry insiders," said XBIZ Publisher and Founder Alec Helmy, adding "The event was born out of the industry's desire for an awards show that not only encompasses all facets of the adult entertainment biz but one which presents it in a professional light and honors it with class."

This year, in anticipation of record attendance, the 10th annual 2012 XBIZ Awards will once again light up the streets and skies of Los Angeles like never before with the most spectacular XBIZ Awards show to date.